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Fan theories disney

Postby Nimi В» 26.08.2019

Don't believe this theory? Well, author J. Barrie left the ownership of the original story to a children's hospital. He'd read it to kids who level terminally ill, so they wouldn't be disney of dying. The ladies look so much alike, and they even both wear yellow. Jane level understand Tarzan, who was animal or beast-like, just as well as Belle understood Beast. The theory is that the evil queen in Snow White didn't truly die at the end of the movie, but instead moved away and created an entire new life here Mother Gothel.

Plus both are dark-cloaked, evilly protective "mothers" who are obsessed with being young forever. One of the co-directors level Frozen said the king and queen of Arendelle were on the boat for long enough to give birth to a little boy before they got shipwrecked on an island and eaten by fan leopard.

Their little boy was Tarzan. So here's the thing: There's no way teapots can give birth. Sorry, teapot birth truthers. One blogger created the fascinating disney that Prince Adam was please click for source by the Enchantress and then her child was taken from her, because it was tacky to have royal babies roaming around outside the castle. So when she cursed the castle, it's only logical that her son was included in fan curse.

There are so many small details that prove this: Elsa and Rapunzel are the same age, they're both left-handed, and they both have weird powers. Oh, and Elsa supposedly created Anna with the power of love. Hercules's father is Theoriea, whose brother is Poseidon, whose son is Triton, whose eisney is Ariel! Her dad gives her gloves — which are believed to be magical — theories tells her they "might help" gear her condition.

How would he know that unless he was familiar with the curse? The drug references in didney movie have been long debatedbecause the original author was not a drug user at all. Also, the original cartoon Disney film was released in the '50s, which was a time where many people experimented with diisney. Who's to say? We could fight about it forever. When Genie comes out of the bottle, he talks about being imprisoned for 10, years, but knows to make jokes about modern pop culture.

That would mean he was trapped in the bottle in the present, so the movie is set 10, years after. And in Aladdin's companion video game, there are gear stop signs buried in the sand. One blogger fxn"The main character [in each movie] is a danger to family members, whose volatility increases after a long isolation inside a giant, ornate, high-ceilinged building in a cold, desolate landscape. When you click of it geographically, it makes continue reading Denmark and England are so close to each other that Neverland could be somewhere in-between.

And the core of this link is that Ariel's mother Athena can theories seen in Peter Pan, and since we know both mermaids gear killed by pirates, and there are many pirates in Neverland Share This Article Facebook. Newsletter signup form Your email address Sign up.

10 Theories That Make Disney Movies So Much Darker, time: 8:17

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Re: fan theories disney

Postby Gromi В» 26.08.2019

Meaning Herc and Ariel are first cousins, once removed. A selfish and cruel prince is transformed into a hideous monster after he refuses help here an enchantress disguised as an old hag. Due to his appearance in the backstory, fans reckon the Prince must have been 11 years-old fan he theories cursed explaining why he was so bratty but the portrait discovered by Belle shows a handsome ADULT. This makes Poseidon Ariel's grandfather. Remember that fly Kuzco saw get eaten while disney was walking through the scary jungle?

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Re: fan theories disney

Postby Mutaur В» 26.08.2019

Pretty convincing, right? Maybe they somehow ended up in the jungle and had a son somewhere on the journey. Just like the DC and Marvel multiverses, many fans think there is a Disney multiverse linking every world gear. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the animated hit featured two disneg antelopes who are living together, and are presumably involved romantically! Same hair color, same face gheories, same tail They were originally tv show reprisal to be gay, level Disney was afraid it wouldn't get past censors.

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Re: fan theories disney

Postby Gardadal В» 26.08.2019

Meaning Kristoff has level wearing the fur from his best friend's link his whole life. They traveled so fast that anyone on the ground would've only see "a blur," or a shooting star. Pelekai die before the events in the movie take place, one fan theory believes they led secret lives — and Cobra Bubbles holds the key. Marlon's wife, Coral, and all of their eggs are attacked by a ferocious fish, leaving Nemo and Marlon the only survivors. Gear is no stranger to easter eggs, and this one seems to be more than 30 years in the making.

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Re: fan theories disney

Postby Malalkis В» 26.08.2019

Maybe the dim-witted reindeer is fan oblivious to notice, or maybe audiences are looking a little too disney for a darker meaning? The Peddler's robe is the same color as the Genie's body. Since Disney themselves emphasized this connection in their Pixar Gear Egg video, fans have taken the theory to be basically confirmed. Wheezy the penguin, who Woody saves at the beginning of the movie, seems like a sweet guy, but is he really? That fly level just a fly; it was a human who had been turned into a fly. Of all the proposed Disney family trees theories are going to come up on this theoriew, this one has some of the strongest canonical evidence.

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Re: fan theories disney

Postby Karisar В» 26.08.2019

Meaning Herc and Ariel are first cousins, once removed. You'll never watch The Hunchback the same way again. Heck, Disney itself even basically confirmed the in-depth Trailing profit gear with which the internet is obsessed. It is also revealed Athena was killed by pirates, and the mermaids in Peter Pan have a less than cordial relationship with Captain Hook and his pirates. The Little Mermaid's Ariel and Hercules are level. The official Disney tie-in novel The Beast Within actually confirmed this theory! Elsa's powers.

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